How to quit smoking alone at home

Today we’ll talk about how to quit smoking alone at home. Even if you don't have the willpower, all is not lost. Read the article, I'm sure you can stop smoking at home.

Tested based on personal experience and the experience of many people. All you need is just to think. read slowly and follow the directions. Just 9 steps and you are cigarette free.

How to quit smoking on your own

Many of us "sin" with these or those habits that certainly cannot be called useful, although we realize that, of course, it would be better without health generally not rubber, and so on, sothe question "How to quit smoking" is at the top of the most popular in this topic.

How to stop smoking on your own?

Anyone who visits our site periodically and reads some articles has probably noticed this trend. The more familiar and "superscript" a phenomenon to our attention, the more tenaciously it remains and does not allow sufferers to leave its tentacles, the more likely it is that this phenomenon is not so simple.

Probably, the roots of this phenomenon grow as ornate as possible in width and depth. And the most interesting thing is to dig up and examine these roots. What we will do to make it clear to you that the chance to quit smoking on your own is not just there, but it is very great. You just need to know what we are really dealing with.

Will I stop smoking and put on weight?

Surprisingly, these questions are also common among those who have long been addicted. But who, however, is afraid of the prospect of living without cigarettes. So scary that on the way they also find information about impending weight gain.

And that it is impossible to stop smoking completely and irrevocably. Even so, always, even after many years, he will pull at least one to smoke. That a relapse, that is, a repeated "zakur", is even more dangerous, because it threatens with a lot of consumption and still does not stop. Calm down.

These are the results. Yes, but only for those who have abandoned the habit and have not consciously removed it from themselves.

So, if you understand the causes, consequences and benevolent implementation of the proposed actions, only liberation and only a brilliant new life will happen for you.

An easy way to stop smoking - preliminary educational program

There is a version that the inhalation of smoke from dry plants and, in particular, tobacco, was part of the ritual action of indigenous shamans. So they introduced themselves into an altered state of consciousness, and what they discovered for themselves in that altered state, an Indian knows.

However, do not forget that the level of vibration among priests and shamans in the times before the Kali era was very high.

inhalation of tobacco smoke, was part of the ritual performance of the Indian shaman

Many substances today very widespread and known as additives, such as coffee, tobacco smoke with its alkaloids, fermented fruit juice (alcohol), were used by shamans in a certain way and in exceptional cases.

Ordinary people were strictly forbidden to use. Therefore, those who were well versed knew that, as much as the power of these substances is, it is also the danger of their thoughtless use.

The era of Kali Kali Yuga absorbed true knowledge before the advent of brilliant times. Knowledge about the power and precautions for using these substances has been lost and their unthinkable use has become the norm.

You will be surprised, but originally smoking tobacco was designed to relax your mind and immerse yourself in a state of serenity. Just as the baby is serene in the mother's breast. In this state of rest, an experienced shaman with a developed mental organization and high-frequency vibrations understood the essence of the universe, evolved spiritually or vibrated with other members of the tribe.

With the use of these special substances, the shaman can first decrease his own vibrations to vibrate with his fellow tribesmen in unison, listening to his problems and then increase his own spiritual frequency again, thus ensuring the general flow of energyfor the tribe, harmonizing the space and receiving answers to exciting questions.

That is, it is clear that to smoke, it is necessary initially to be with a level of inner Light such that the state of relaxation and bliss does not cling as desired, and you can, of course, do without it, butwith auxiliary means it is easier, because other members of the tribe again, they blink, demand results and meditation is a solitary process.

Well, faster again, and the rest of the time can be devoted to a nice one later. Therefore, the shaman's logic was probably about that why wash clothes in the river if there is a washing machine. Well, or something similar.

What happens to a person when he smokes now?

Why are they so attracted, but not the shaman? As the state of rest and nirvana is a slightly longer form of immersion in itself, the shaman can easily support himself, but the smoker cannot.

peace of mindBut we are all arranged by the Creator in such a way that bliss, quiet joy and harmonious spiritual peace are the most desirable state for us in this incarnation. The meaning of our entire existence is based on the desire for it.

Should I stop smoking and is there a reason for addiction?

  1. The first and main reason for this is the smoker's mature subpersonality. Here I wrote about it in detail.
  2. Then, the inability to regularly find a state of relaxation in ordinary life, when in contact with such "unsettling" substances in their properties, with a high degree of probability, will cause dependence, the need to experience this relaxing happinessseveral times. And the price is not important. The desire for pleasure is sometimes even stronger than the awareness of already obvious health problems.

    This is understandable, because solving accumulated problems is difficult and smoking is easy, relaxation, ecstasy, joy. At this stage of overcoming themselves, many people simply because they are not willing to “hard and sadly” ask a question: should they stop smoking? Perhaps it is already, as it is, and then, that on the slope, we will all be there.

    Yes, of course it is not so easy to escape these pitfalls, but I guarantee, read the article until the end, there are still many interesting things, including for you, who are almost giving up. But first, a little more companion. Believe me, you are reading, and the information is already slowly and invisibly putting everything on the shelves in your head, bringing clarity, and it works too.

What is the use of nicotine?

Another key point is that the other side of "difficult substances" like nicotine, alcohol, coffee and a medicine can be listed, just when "gingerbread" is distributed in the form of a feeling of ecstasyunity with the desired well-being, in the subtle plane there is a significant withdrawal of energy.

As a result, the discharge state is captured, but the resulting energy vacuum needs to be filled, and what to fill, if not joy and relaxation? On the other hand, except for auxiliary substances, they are not used to it. And the hand itself takes a cigarette, an alcohol, a cup of coffee.


A wise shaman always assumed the ritual, being in a state of complete balance, energetic ascension and harmonious and joyful balance of himself and with everything outside himself, otherwise it would be dangerous to interact with such substances, knowing thatkind of commitment they make for their action. . .

Therefore, being initially in a state of full resource and fullness, using powerful energetic substances, the shaman put into action a very cunning scheme and, thanks to him, built a wise gambito - he received the desired state, but gave his substanceto the astral plane, in the mental field of the energetic force, extremely positive energy, full of harmony and joy.

Many people already know about boomerang law, they already knew that. What you give is what you receive. Yes, for some time after using the ritual substances, the shaman probably felt discomfort, but then the high quality energy he provided came back to him according to the Universal Law of Reflection.

And even so, the question of the use of energy-consuming substances was not thoughtlessly, but very rarely was it used with a special entourage and design to add meaning and not forget the strength with which the matter is.

And now it's very simple. Think about which of the smokers is now taking a cigarette out of the pack in a state of extreme happiness and harmony with himself, which involves them with a corresponding beautiful and pleasant atmosphere, a state of euphoria, the meaning of what is happening.

Who of the smokers masterfully masters the ability to be present in the smoking process in a "here and now" state and at the same time tune in to higher frequencies and astral worlds?

And in what state does a person take a cigarette?

It stands to reason that if he wishes to obtain joy, ecstasy and relaxation, then he smokes a cigarette in a state of sadness, well, or unconscious discomfort, in a state of tension and lack of pleasure in ordinary life. What does he gain according to the law of reflection?

According to the boomerang law, the smoker gets back what he radiates, that is, sadness, mental discomfort, tension and lack of joy and pleasure will return to him doubly.

in what state does a person take a cigarette

That is, he himself, as the creator of his own World, will put the circumstances in such a way that, in the form of events, everything that has been said above will return to him, and he can once again takecigarette.

Ah yes, another process is happening in parallel, which we have already mentioned. There is a powerful withdrawal of energy, forming an internal void, which requires indispensable filling.

Joy, ecstasy and relaxation are achieved by smokers largely only with "smelly sticks", so this is another reliable fixer, closing the circle and securely holding the nicotine addict in the cigarette pack. And ready, the smart trap is ready. Well, shall we leave?

Free to stop smoking

It is clear that, in variants of very ardent and long-lasting relationships with cigarettes, the appeal to specialist doctors, whose profile is precisely the correction of these problems, is not prohibited.

They will prescribe a therapy that will facilitate the early removal of toxic substances, accelerate the cleansing of the body of accumulated poisons and toxic deposits and provide tissues and cells with nutrition and support in the detoxification process.

This will make the process smoother.

No. I absolutely assure you that without understanding where everything comes from, without the desire to change your life and improve your health (in this sequence! ), Without taking responsibility for all the events created, your money andphysical and mental costs will be wasted and you are highly likely to return to the starting point.

But I can say with certainty that, with all of the above, you can quit smoking, with a minimal portion of the mental costs, at home.

How to quit smoking at home?

So how do you stop smoking at home? All means are good for realization, so we are going to dump the entire arsenal of information, and then "what will fire".

they win on you

In the first place, it may seem important and offensive to someone to suddenly realize that they are stupidly making money from you, using your life as a dairy cow, profiting from your addiction, submitting to the habit and distorting your health as arag to the last drop, so you can throw it away.

Considering that energy is a constant concept, it does not disappear and does not form, but only circulates, would it be logical to track where the energy "taken" from thousands of smokers goes, but not once a day?

It is easier to imagine a certain energetic substance, the so-called egregore. Seeking the very concept of egregor, we can conclude that it is such a clot of energy formed by the thoughts and emotions of smokers, that, in addition, with the growth of nutrition, it acquires a totally independent existence, the ability to create certain comfortable conditionsSurvival.

In the old days, of course, it wasn't particularly easy to hang out with some high-frequency shamans, but even so, the attitude towards tobacco smoke was sacred, because it was understood what kind of power it was.

Now imagine the scale. . . The monstrous scale of this energetic substance, which feeds on the energy of thousands of people every day and holds hundreds every day on this hook.

Energy is not only supplied, it is certainly supplied, circulating. Now think about where the energy received by the egregore can be transferred? About the growth and enrichment of cigarette companies, about their power, distribution and influence at the highest levels of government, about any attraction of people's attention to this problem.

Egregor doesn't care what energy, with the “+” or “-” sign, feeds him. Only forgetting and ceasing its flow in general can be worse. That's why advertising to quit smoking is so vain and stupid, awareness campaigns are so stupid, just like organ stickers dissected in cigarette packs.

The effect will only give a complete shift in attention to health, freedom of choice, conscious joy, attention to yourself. Even a person. This is not enough.

The good news is that in our return to the times of Light, everything related to destruction and destruction will no longer be supported, since the time to obtain the polar experience, where smoking, as an auxiliary factor of "thickening", probablyit was, necessarily, completed.

And in addition, all structures associated with the imposition of deliberately destructive action will begin to collapse on their own. This will happen gradually, but incrementally.

negative impact of cigarettes on health

However, any darkness does not want to give up its positions so easily, but wants to continue to live for its own pleasure. Outside the support of the experience of duality, this is increasingly difficult to do, because, with a high degree of probability, smokers will energetically be milked even more, to the last drop.

And if we take into account that the processes are now accelerating with increasing speed and self-loathing, and smoking is exactly loathing, it goes into sharp dissonance with new light energies, so we can assume that smoking safelyfor many years, just coughing a little, from now on it won't work.

I'm not afraid, but you should be warned that the negative impact of cigarettes on health will start to increase in direct proportion to the discrepancy between the smoking process and poisoning with the new vibrations of life. Draw conclusions.

Excellent ways to stop smoking

However, I understand that not everyone will dare to pick up and throw away the source of pleasant emotions at once, agreeing with their torment and longing. So, here is an outline of actions that can greatly simplify your task.

Can I stop smoking easily?

With such a brilliant slogan, begin your journey to transformation. I guarantee that it will be so.

  1. Stop blaming yourself and condemning yourself for your habit.

    Self-condemnation not only has an expressive and bright color of hidden aggression, it also increases your desire to smoke. The chain is like that. You condemn yourself, condemnation always and always goes hand in hand with self-pity and the desire to console yourself and to do something pleasant. Give yourself happiness, relaxation, pleasure. Well, you understand what I mean.

    we smoke in an observer state

    So if we still smoke, we smoke as an observer. We are fully present in the process, from lighting a cigarette to monitoring how smoke enters and exits the lungs. No heavy thoughts and no desire to change anything. We simply observe and fixate on the process, and do not hover in the clouds, this is called consciousness.

  2. You need to realize that your love for yourself and your body is at a low level. Instead of affectionate feelings for yourself, a vacuum is literally formed in you, which you strive to fill at least something, but in your arsenal, unfortunately, there is only smoke.

    I have enough articles on my website that deal with how to perceive yourself as a great value, which has no analogues in terms of uniqueness and importance for the Universe. Check it out, take the time, it will inspire you, give you a real understanding of yourself and the energy to move on.

  3. The next point will be to provide regular attention and care for yourself. You are a part of the divine, you are essentially God, just as a drop is not just a drop, but the Ocean itself, with which it will unite, dissolving in it.

    Think and remember the truth we expressed at the beginning - what is the purpose of all creatures incarnated here, since we are all Gods, in fact? Rejoice, experience ecstasy, relaxation and pleasure.

  4. Think carefully and write on a piece of paper at least ten ways to feel good during the day.

    If during the day you find no way to rejoice because of the working conditions that allow you to relax alone with yourself in the smoking room or in the bathroom, promise yourself great pleasure after work.

    This is not necessarily food, although at first it is not prohibited, just not too harmful and not too much. It may be a movie that you can simply browse the Internet at night, while all the other colleagues relax and rejoice in smoking rooms and bathrooms. Or a massage, you can make an appointment with a massage therapist with a call and go after work to find the desired emotion of taking care of yourself.

  5. And, the most important in this context. You have smoked without evaluation and consciously, and you are doing it. And now a new mission.
  6. Enjoy smoking. If the smoking room is full of smoke and chatter, and you cannot smoke separately from everyone, reduce the number of visits.Smoke for pleasure

    During them, smoke consciously and thoughtfully in the process itself (have you noticed that attentive smoking helps you smoke less often? That's how it works), but promise yourself to smoke at home witha cheap one!

  7. Wait as you are going to smoke now, dress in comfortable clothes, choose a more presentable container as your ashtray, and not that filthy swordsman.

    Lean out of the window, where the view is more beautiful and the air cleaner. And enjoy, concentrating as much as possible on the process, avoiding strange thoughts and reflexes, being fully present in yourself and the cigarette you smoke.

    There will be a withdrawal of high quality energy, which will later return to you in the form of an equally high quality flow, allowing you to pay the "reward" of addiction, plus dividends in the form of ecstasy, relaxation and pleasure. that you energetically dreamed of just in advance.

    And on the subtle mental plane, the traps that bind you have already visibly weakened, because you have become stronger. Master this skill over time and start doing it.

  8. Getting high with smoking, imagine how, with each exhalation of smoke in space, of you, your body, your lungs, your blood, your cells, along with the smoke, the desire to smoke and the desiresmoking disappear in a drip.

    It is possible to say, "I allow myself with each exhalation of smoke to get rid of the urge to smoke more and more" and get even more pleasure, exhaling the smoke along with my desire to inhale it in the future.

  9. Don't insist on anything. Just be there, be aware, exhale. The results will be. And you will be surprised at how quickly. So much so that the question "How to quit smoking alone at home? " Will now be beyond your interests.

    Just because it is not yours yet, but ecstasy, love for yourself, respect for yourself and your body, conscious relaxation and receiving joy from the most blissful manifestations of a multifaceted Life - that's all you now haveperfectly.