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Smoking is the scourge of modern society. Not only the person who smokes, but also the people around him suffer the negative consequences of this bad habit. Many would like to quit, but independent attempts often do not work. The process of quitting smoking is no longer torture with the use of the anti-smoking drug NicoZero. Proven Natural Formula

NicoZero is also available in Austria. The reduced price on the official website allows you to order the spray for only € 39 in a limited period with a promotion.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Specialist in narcology Alexander Doctor Alexander
Specialist in narcology
20 years
From my experience in Austria, I know that most attempts to quit smoking end in failure. As a doctor, I can assure you that it is not a weak will, but a physical need. The body needs help to smooth out all negative moments and allow time to rebuild itself. NicoZero spray therapy gave, in my opinion, the best result. 87% of my patients stopped smoking completely within a month, with no return. The success of this drug is based on its naturalness. The spray removes stress and detoxifies, making it possible to stop smoking comfortably.

Smoking is bad for your health

Smoking is the scourge of our time

Smoking is always harmful: this applies to the smoker himself and the people around him. Tobacco smoke contains more than 200 harmful combustion products and harms the health of the entire body, deteriorates quality and shortens life expectancy. And the prices of tobacco products can plunge even the most heavy smoker into discouragement. It seems that such an iron argument would have freed the world from this addiction a long time ago. Oh no! This turned out to be not enough and millions of smokers worldwide, Austria is no exception, continue to create pollution.

Today, in the minds of most people in Austria, success is associated with healthy habits. The tendency is to be active, take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle. The smoking trend has passed, but the addiction of many remains.

If you are still a smoker but want to quit, the anti-smoking drug NicoZero will be invaluable in this regard. The price on our website € 39 (see prices in other countries) will be valid for a limited time. Hurry to buy a discounted spray to put an end to smoking.

Physiological aspects of nicotine addiction

Why are all the cons failing to stop the smoker from falling into addiction?

The normal functioning of the nervous system depends largely on the body's production of the hormone acetylcholine. It activates sensory receptors and conducts nerve impulses through the synapses of the brain. In the process, dopamine, the joy hormone, is also produced. In a healthy body, there is a certain hormonal balance that allows processes to occur naturally.

More than 200 harmful compounds poison the body with each inhalation

As soon as a person starts smoking, he breaks the delicate balance. The fact is that nicotine and acetylcholine are related. Nicotine immediately replaces acetylcholine by itself, reducing the level of its synthesis in the body. Sensitive receptors, sensing the hormone deficiency, require its analog in the form of nicotine. Only nicotine is poison! It reduces the sensitivity of the receptors and their number must be constantly increased to guarantee the normal functioning of the nervous system.

The interaction of nicotine and receptors continues to stimulate dopamine - the joy hormone, except that the smoker's joy is now forever linked to the process of smoking a cigarette. Then, after making the decision to quit smoking, the person feels discomfort on two sides:

NicoZero's innovative approach

If you are ready to give up cigarettes, trust NicoZero to help you with this. The intelligent mediator for smoking cessation left the laboratory after five years of research and has already revolutionized the fight against nicotine addiction. Forget about nicotine patches, gum and pills - they don't work. They also contain nicotine and with cigarette rejection there is no fundamental restructuring in the body. Sooner or later, the smoker will return to smoking.

Quitting nicotine is easy with NicoZero

The NicoZero spray works differently. The spray's natural formula incorporates a complete understanding of the physiological processes that accompany smoking. It deceives receptors by separating the use of nicotine and the synthesis of the hormone from joy. A relaxed nervous system is not stressed when a smoker loses a dose of nicotine. But with each cigarette lost, the body is increasingly approaching a state of natural balance without external stimulants. Over time, the synthesis of its own acetylcholine and the number of receptors in the nervous system come according to the needs of the body.

If you no longer wish to continue smoking, hurry up to make a double gift. Today you can take the first step to stop smoking and order NicoZero through the official website with a 50% discount. Health plus economy - this is our proposal.

NicoZero natural ingredients

  1. Oat grain extract cleanses the blood, blood vessels and stimulates the heart muscle. It strengthens the nervous system and guarantees the stability of its work in conditions of restructuring of the body for a mode of operation without nicotine.
  2. Ginger thins the blood and helps to dissolve the blood clots that accompany smoking. Blood clots are absorbed and excreted from the body along with other toxins under the influence of substances in their composition.
  3. St. John's wort helps to clear the airways of perennial tar deposits and vapors. It helps to restore the normal sensitivity of taste and odor receptors and also forms a gradual and sustained aversion to tobacco odor.
  4. Hawthorn removes the effects of nicotine poisoning, removes decomposition products, cleans out damaged organs and strengthens the heart.
NicoZero restores health

Health benefits of NicoZero

The main purpose of NicoZero is to eliminate nicotine addiction. This objective is easy to achieve, since at the same time the active substances in the spray stimulate the cleaning of the body of accumulated toxins, improve metabolic processes and strengthen a person's mental state. The circulatory and respiratory systems are restored, the overall performance of the organs poisoned by nicotine is strengthened. At the end of the course, the state of health improves significantly and a persistent revulsion towards smoking appears.

NicoZero fully compensates for the negative moments associated with quitting smoking with its action. Gently eliminates the need for nicotine without forcing the body.


Dopamine is produced in normal amounts, regardless of nicotine intake, so there is no reason for irritation. Even in the process of quitting smoking, a person demonstrates standard behavioral reactions and lives without stress and unnatural hunger.


NicoZero returns the sensitivity of the receptors to acetylcholine, so that there is no malfunction of the nervous system. On the contrary, getting rid of systematic nicotine poisoning leads to an improvement in the functioning of the brain and nervous system in general and the restoration of healthy sleep.


When you stop smoking with NicoZero, your body is not stressed. Its own hormone consistently replaces the need for nicotine, so there is no withdrawal syndrome. The body simply and naturally returns to its normal state.

NicoZero makes it easier to stop smoking. Its packaging allows you to always have the spray with you in your pocket or bag and use it with all the irresistible desire to smoke. Even if you continue to smoke during this period, the desire for them will decrease after a few weeks. Gradually, without physical effort and nervous breakdowns, you will be able to stop smoking once and for all, without any negative consequences.

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