Allen Carr's book The Easy Way To Quit Smoking

I gave up the topic of quitting smoking a little, although there were still some articles in the plans, from newsletters to personal experiences. In the fall of 2017, it has been three years since I stopped smoking, which is probably why I stopped remembering this habit, although in the first months the desire to share the greatest joy never left me. In general, I decided to finish what I started, mainly because soon there will be new cycles on health and self-development. I have already achieved something, I will achieve something in parallel with the readers. I really hope that in the last few years I have started to write a little better, which means that this and other articles will be seen by people who will find them useful.

Many people started their attempts to quit smoking with Allen Carr's book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking".Why buy when you can just read online or download torrents? It is your right, but I am still in favor of legal methods, in addition to spending even a small amount of money, you will have a great incentive to read the book to the end. I will write about buying or stealing a book at the end of the article. And now I would like to talk a little bit about the methods described in this book.

When you get your hands on Allen Carr's book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking", it looks like it's in the bag, now you're going to read a smart book and your life will get better. The promised path is easy, which means you don't have to work. It may well be so. Many have managed to abandon their bad habit just by reading through. Unfortunately, the habit returned to many after a short period of time. And all because they did not read carefully, fluently and without reflection, perhaps counting on Russian. In fact, the author of the book is a foreigner, so don't count on 100% accuracy.

I wrote in a separate article about other books on the same subject that will help you get rid of other bad habits. Don't be fooled by the hope that quitting will solve all your problems. In fact, you will only embark on the path of self-improvement with confidence in your skills.

What is the magic of Allen Carr's easy way to quit smoking? Is it really a special writing style? Of course not. The book helps you to reflect on your habit. It shows the true face of the enemy, without being intimidated by horror stories about the various wounds that threaten the smoker, about which there is already a lot of material on the network (in the article: "harm of smoking in the human body" - I tried to reveal this subject as much as possiblepossible without unnecessary horror stories). Allen calls smoking just an imposed necessity, thanks to which you spend a lot of money to enrich companies. Just think that the state does not intend to introduce a total ban on tobacco, although it could, the church says nothing about smoking, although it is worth it - they just need smokers. People who die prematurely, the sick pay an additional tax for the right to voluntarily destroy themselves.

In The easy way to stop smoking, Allen Carr emphasizes that there is essentially nothing to stop, you do not give up something important and useful, you just stop paying corporations by killing yourself. Remember, as a child, you didn't need to smoke a cigarette after dinner to get extra pleasure, you didn't need to light a cigarette while talking to friends, you felt great after sleeping. The cigarette, according to Allen, and it is difficult to argue with him, all this takes away from the smoker, whose life consists of two periods: the desire to smoke and the tobacco itself - the only pleasure is to satisfy his need for nicotine, which comes up again immediately, it is worth throwing away the butt. The most incredible thing is that, by saving your life from tobacco, you will get rid of the need to use it, that is, if you stop smoking, you will stop wanting to smoke.

having released your life from smoking, you will be released from the need to consume it

The book is written in a very simple and accessible language and has been translated with high quality, so its reading is not only useful, but also pleasant. Therefore, feel free to purchase its electronic or paper version if the smoking issue has not yet been resolved.

For whom and why reading Allen Carr's book helps

Firstly, the book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" will help anyone who is really going to quit. I tuned everything in seriously and sought help whenever possible; for example, I personally used the book as an additional source of motivation, as well as an opportunity to divert attention from smoking to something else.

According to statistics, about 80% of Allen Carr's readers have stopped smoking. But don't think that they all have such a weak character and that the writer is a great mystic and hypnotist. People just start thinking and sooner or later they come to the conclusion that quitting is really easy. "Actually, there is nothing to play for" - Carr likes to express in his own book, all you need to do is stop subjecting yourself to torture and daily poisoning. And to give up, you can pay corporations to destroy your own health.

So, smoking is not won over by weak and carefree people, but on the contrary, those who think and clearly take care of their health and the health of their own children. A high percentage cannot help but rejoice - this means that the world has not yet gone mad and most people still know how to reasonably assess the situation. And even though I, and people like me, didn't stop ONLY thanks to the book "An easy way to stop smoking", but it wasn't without it.

Why buy Allen Carr's book

I discovered a theory that no method of quitting smoking works until you pay for it. Here, a subconscious trigger, hammered at a child, is triggered, according to which nothing is given for free and for free, for example, the principle of the proverb "you cannot easily take a fish out of a lake". It is quite possible that I, like many others, have already been exposed to this effect, because the first time I received the book "An easy way to stop smoking" friends who wanted to help, respectively, did not see any effect in the book. Likewise, the pills, with which at least half of the ex-smokers stopped smoking, did not work at the right time, because the first pack also won for free. As a result, the process of quitting smoking went on for five long years, from 2009 to 2014. However, I will tell my story on another occasion.

Among other things, as a legal blogger who advocates compliance with the law and the "start it yourself" principle, you are simply not ready to give advice on theft. On the other hand, I believe that any work after the author's death must become the property of the public. So, decide for yourself, the main thing is not to read online. Probably, a reading of the book will not be enough, so it is always good to have it on hand for each new attempt.

For example, I took three full readings, the last one was a distraction from the desire to smoke, but extremely effective. I read that you can smoke at any time, I had a pack of cigarettes against all the advice, I knew I could give up on my plans at any time, stronger and more certain I had the desire to quit smoking. My affirmations, my motivations and Allen Carr's “Easy Way to Quit Smoking”, downloaded for a penny, also worked. Even though the method was not the easiest, the objective was achieved and the next step was taken.