Stop smoking calendar

It is known that smoking is a harmful habit, very difficult, but possible to stop. To help people who are addicted to nicotine, a special calendar has been developed to stop smoking. He describes in detail what happens to the body after quitting. If you want to start a life without cigarettes, you definitely need a diary like that.

Why you need a smoking calendar

A diary is essential for motivation. Many people know that it is better not to smoke, but they do not understand why they should give up addiction specifically.A journal is essential for motivationThe calendar describes in detail the sensations that will accompany the launcher at each stage: emotional, physiological. The changes that are taking place, the reaction of all systems and organs to stop smoking are clearly listed. The main benefit that a smoking cessation calendar brings is that it shows how a person has done. This helps to increase the chances of reaching the defined goal.

What happens to the body when you stop smoking

The first stage that will have to be overcome is nicotine withdrawal, because of which it can be very difficult mentally and physically. Gradually, the body gets used to producing this substance on its own. Over time, the normal functioning of all systems is restored, especially the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The stop smoking calendar will tell you in detail about the changes in the body at each stage. It also describes what emotions will accompany a person.

Stop smoking diary

It is detailed. A smoking cessation schedule option is shown in the table:

Calendar stages (days, months) Changes in the body when quitting smoking Thoughts and emotions of quitting smoking Stop smoking sensations
One day Since the last cigarette you smoke, you have less carbon monoxide in your blood and your tissues are enriched with oxygen. You are confident and proud of your decision. If you are attracted to smoking, you can easily deal with it with the help of self-hypnosis or get distracted by household chores. Feels dizzy, has no appetite.
2nd The amount of mucus produced by the lungs decreases and the intestinal cells are renewed. You are still hopeful, but you got angry and nervous. The urge to smoke is suppressed only by self-hypnosis. Coughing appears, may occur
3rd The cleaning of the bronchi begins, more blood flows to the heart and brain. Vascular tone improves, cells require less nicotine. You are very angry, nervous. It seems that you are psychologically dependent on the smoking process. You want to eat more, especially sweets. Suffering from heartburn, spinning
4th The brain receives almost normal amounts of blood. You can control the aggression, more often you are in a normal mood, rather than depressed. Sleep is still weak. Sudden pressure spikes are possible. Gradually, you change your diet, choosing foods with a pronounced flavor. The cough intensifies, there is a feeling of lump in the throat.
5th The microtrauma is healed on the tongue, the vascular tone is completely normalized. The state of health is bad, the urge to smoke appears almost every hour. The smell of smoke is very attractive. The stop smoking calendar says that during this time, you will first taste the undistorted taste of certain foods. There is a slimy lump in the throat. It is difficult to breathe, the cough is damp.
6th The secretion of the stomach and pancreas is normalized. The "white" blood cells in the body were all formed without nicotine. The weather is really bad, I want to smoke again. At this stage, some people start looking for cigarettes. The main symptoms are excessive sweating, shaking hands. It may taste bitter in the mouth. However, this is due to an excess of oxygen in the brain, not abstinence.
7th The physical desire to smoke ceases. All systems will be restored. On this day, you hardly feel anything. The desire to stop smoking becomes more stable. Periodic stool disturbances are likely to occur. The skin is dry and scaly.
10th The lungs and blood vessels are rebuilt to function differently, the immune system begins to recover. Longing for cigarettes is not so strong anymore, but being close to smokers is difficult. The cough softens, the mucus only appears after eating hot food and drinks.
12th Changes in the body after quitting smoking lead to the tissues receiving more nutrients. The support of loved ones is very important, as the state is still depressing. The complexion improves in young snipers. The cough practically disappeared.
Two weeks The bronchial mucosa is almost completely healed. The blood vessel walls receive a sufficient amount of nutrients. The risk of breaking is very high. The skin becomes lighter. There is a slight yellow tint.
1st month Many cells have now fully recovered and the whole body is ready to live without nicotine. The enthusiasm wears off, the person forgets why he wanted to stop smoking. It is important not to get lost.
3rd The blood vessels are fully restored. The critical phase in which many people return to smoking is coming to an end. The launcher hardly cares about anything, he feels healthy.
6th The liver begins to recover. The quitter no longer wants to smoke, nor does he remember his habit. The weight has stabilized.
12th The risk of having a heart attack has halved, and lung cancer - 85%. Stalling is very unlikely. The caster feels completely healthy and active.